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Microman 2004 Series

Takara Neighborhood Original Microman 3204th Soldier Dark Army - HDP Exclusive (7/30/04)







Electronic Virus Microman - On Board & GGPX Shops Exclusive (5/26/04)
Death Blaze (White)

Death Blaze (Red)


Quanto Magazine Promotion Neko Zero-One Magazine Lucky Draw Prize (6/04)

AX-04 (ST) Stealth Biom


Material Force Special Edition Microman - SDCC 2004 Exclusive (7/21/04)
Micro Trainer Machine


Neighborhood Original Dark Army Microman - HDP Mail Away Exclusive (7/30/04)

Dark Army


Mission Force Microman Quanto Neko Zero-One Mook Exclusive (8/04)

MFX-01 Jin (Side Sword)

MFX-02 Xiang-ni (Side Shield)





HDP Mail Away Exclusive Microman Dark Army 

Neighborhood 3204th Soldier Dark Army came in small cardboard coffin.


Dark Army Accessories

Dark Army figure was essentially a redeco figure with several accessories from various figures thrown in. The head with body and leg armors came from Acro Scorl with claws from last year 2003 Microman Spy and feet from Acro Voltech.


 Read carefully the words on his back.


Microman New Stand

The figure came with the new Microman 2004 stand. The stand has both new and old style (5mm) peg on it with Da Vinci's "Vetruvian Microman" logo embossed on it.


Microman Dark Army was another designer toy collaboration project, this time between Takara and Neighborhood Original. The figure was offered in Hot Dog Press fashion magazine / catalog as mail-away special. You have to purchase HDP magazine with the coupon offer inside and mail it in. The figure was offer in May of 2004 and was shipped out during the last week of July. Dark Army, like Death Blaze, was another attempt by Takara to turn Microman into brand name much like Medicom Kubrick with various other designer companies produced the toy using Microman body. This second offering was definitely much more interesting than the Death Blaze figures that were sold with the T-Shirts. The figure, while it was essentially a repaint of Acro Scorl, had one of the most interesting if somewhat controversial (and the most politically incorrect design) to graze the Microman line. The figure was done in very dark translucent black body with graffiti writing all over his body.

Microman Dark Army, unlike Death Blaze Electronic Virus figures, (which were essentially just a smoke clear Material Force with tampo deco on them) came with several accessories taken from various other Microman figures. The figure itself was molded in very dark translucent black plastic with the head and accessories done in gloss black plastic. The head came from Acro Scorl (but without the clear visor faceplate) and so was his armor but without the extendable arms. The figure also came with a set of claws from last year 2003 Spy Microman along with the feet attachment (shoes) from Acro Voltech. The figure also came with figure stand (which he did not really need if you display the figure with the armors) and set of interchangeable hands (also came with the holder). The hands were molded in translucent black plastic. Dark Army was probably one of the more interesting repaint and exclusive to come out from Takara (granted it was a collaboration with another company). It was really nice to see a more though out character as exclusive instead of just another clear version or black version that Takara normally put out.