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Microman 2004 Series

Takara & Quanto & Neko Magazine Zero One Promotion Lucky Draw Prize AX-04 (ST) Stealth Biom 100 pieces (6/04)


Stealth Biom





Electronic Virus Microman - On Board & GGPX Shops Exclusive (5/26/04)
Death Blaze (White)

Death Blaze (Red)


Quanto Magazine Promotion Neko Zero-One Lucky Draw Prize (6/04)

AX-04 (ST) Stealth Biom


Material Force Special Edition Microman - SDCC 2004 Exclusive (7/21/04)
Micro Trainer Machine


Neighborhood Original Dark Army Microman - HDP Mail Away Exclusive (7/30/04)

Dark Army


Mission Force Microman Quanto Zero-One Neko Mook Exclusive (8/04)

MFX-01 Jin (Side Sword)

MFX-02 Xiang-ni (Side Shield)





      pictures from takara hobby.com

Quanto Neko Zero One Magazine

Stealth Biom was prize for Lucky Draw contest that was ran in Zero One magazine. (Zero One was subscription only magazine about video game, electronics and toys, publish by Neko) The figure came in plain white box with letter stating that the recipient was the lucky winner.



AX-04 (ST) Stealth Biom was Lucky Draw prize in a promotional campaign that was ran in Neko Zero One magazine. (Zero One was sister publication to Quanto and subscription base magazine concentrating on video games and electronics). The winner were drawn from readers who participated in voting for the next Microman designs contest. (The winning designs were used as Neko Mook Zero One exclusive Microman Jin and Xiang-ni). Like all the Lucky Draw prize the figures were very limited and thus made it very hard to come by. The pictures shown here came from Takara Hobby.com archive. Stealth Biom was basically a clear and silver version of AcroBiom (Same as Mission in Stealth scheme from Replica Microman series).