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Microman 2004 Series

Takara + Furi Furi Co. Electronic Virus Death Blaze - On Board & GGPX Shops Exclusive (5/28/04)


Electronic Virus





Electronic Virus Microman - On Board & GGPX Shops Exclusive (5/26/04)
Death Blaze (White)

Death Blaze (Red)


Quanto Magazine Promotion Neko Zero-One Magazine Lucky Draw Prize (6/04)

AX-04 (ST) Stealth Biom


Material Force Special Edition Microman - SDCC 2004 Exclusive (7/21/04)
Micro Trainer Machine


Neighborhood Original Dark Army Microman - HDP Mail Away Exclusive (7/30/04)

Dark Army


Mission Force Microman Quanto Zero-One Neko Exclusive (8/04)

MFX-01 Jin (Side Sword)

MFX-02 Xiang-ni (Side Shield)


Packaging & Instruction


Microman Death Blaze figures were sold together with designer Microman T-shirt. The figures were packaged in small vinyl bag that hung on the T-shirt label. Each T-shirt came with one of the two figure designs.



Electronic Virus Death Blaze Story (from packaging)

There is a new horrible virus on the loose created late November by elite hacker "Death-Blaze." The virus is full stealth and Trojan, once thought never possible, it first formats the hard drive then it physically eats at the materials of the driver, researchers are stunned, they say it is probably the most destructive virus ever created. The virus name is "death69" which as I stated earlier was create by elite hacker "Death-Blaze".


T-Shirt Variations

Design #1 "Microman Cyborg"

Design #2 "Ultraman"

Design #3 "Death Blaze"

Design #4 "Headliners"

Furi Furi Co. Microman T-shirt came with four different designs and each design came on three choice of color for a total of twelve T-shirt. At 3900 Yen each this could make for some very expensive Microman collection if you are a completist.


All designs are copyright of Furi Furi Co. and Takara, used here for informational purpose only. For more information about Furi Furi Co. please go to their website at www.furifuri.com


The first exclusive Microman to be released for  Microman 2004 line was Microman Death Blaze Electronic Virus figure. When Takara designer said that the new Microman series would be multi-media event they were not joking. Death Blaze Exclusive was a collaboration between three company - On Board Shops (sell designer t-shirt and clothing), Takara (Takara Cyborg Hobby Division) and Furi Furi Co. (a graphic design firm). The exclusive Microman were sold with special designer Microman theme t-shirt designed by Furi Furi Co. The T-shirt and figure set were sold exclusively at "On Board" and "GGPX" shops in Tokyo. The T-shirt was retailed for 3900 Yen and come with one of the two Death Blaze figures. (These are probably going to be the most expensive T-shirt in my closet). There were total of four different T-shirt designs and three different colors to choose from for each of the designs. (See side bar for the different variants - pictures from Takara Hobby website)

Death Blaze figure was essentially a smoke clear version of Microman Material Force figure (using 30 Full Action Body) with added graphic designs. The head had "Death Blaze" logo while the chest had the "Electronic Virus" skull symbol. (Electronic Virus was a character creation of Furi Furi Co.) There were two variants of Death Blaze figures - a red and a white version. Each figure was packaged in small clear vinyl bag that hang onto the T-shirt label. Each figure also came with the extra hands accessories. The extra hands came mounted on a holder (molded in matching clear plastic). The holder became standard accessories for Microman 2004 after the released of Microman Material Force M-05 Sur in April of 2004. There was no other accessories or catalog included with the figure. The vinyl bag that the figure came in however had the trio logo - Microman, On Board and Furi Furi printed in white along with Death Blaze story in English. (On the vinyl bag the logo for Microman was just the word Microman lettering this appeared to have been changed to Cyborg logo later on for the back of the T-shirt and advertisement)

Microman Death Blaze Electronic Virus

The designer T-shirt came with four different designs and each design was printed on three different colors T-shirt. The first design  (shown above) was your basic cyborg Microman with new Microman 2004 logo. The second design (which is my favorite of the four) was "Ultraman" design with Microman flying out in the classic Ultraman pose. The third design was Death Blaze logo and the last was "headliners" design. (To go with the news reporting of Electronic Virus Death69 story that appeared on the vinyl bag. The back of the T-shirt, they all shared the same design with the trio logos - On Board logo (globe), Takara logo (Henshin Cyborg symbol) and Furi Furi Co. logo (happy face). The T-shirts were typical of good quality T-shirt produced for Japan (and Asian market). The T-shirt came in only four sizes (S, M, L and LL) and can be a bit small for some as these were mainly for smaller size Japanese person.

(Special Thanks to my friend Yutaka for going to Tokyo and got these T-shirts and toys for me)